Legalize Me, Day 26 Left BadBoy, Plus A Twitter Book!!

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2009 at 11:20 pm

D.Woods EX Dainty Kaner has a New Video Out called Legalize Me i wonder what label she under..but yeah i Like D.Woods she was one of my Favorite DK member i miss That Group.. Speaking of Groups Day 26 spilt from Bad Boy. I wonder what’s in store for them if i were a singer or something Bad Boy is The Last Label i would want to be On Because Diddy Just be dropping people on short notice and Sh*t yall remember Da Band (Babs,Sarah,Ness,Choppa,Freddy,and Dylan)?? I Liked Them he dropped they ass Super Fast Wonder where they at but anyway Best Of Luck to Day 26 they Might Need it…

Excuse My Nail Polish it’s about that time to re-do them..But i was in Borders Getting A Few New Magazines and i came across This Twitter Book and thought really Twitter putting out books and Sh*t now it’s Suppose to be a Celebrity Directory so you can find your Favorite Celebs and follow them People don’t go buy this and waste money because all you gotta do is Hit that Search Button and type Names it’s that Simple ,and it ain’t really that many celebs i want to follow anyway to make me Purchase this.. By the Way i found Vogue Paris i Didn’t know they sold them…
  1. I can't believe people would BUY that… it's called google people. Haha 😉

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