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The Warning: Mariah Gets Dissed

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Eminem released his much anticipated response to Mariah’s “Obsessed” video earlier today and everyone’s saying it’s the end of Mariah’s career….Well Damn Is All i Have To Say i Think Eminem is Dope…How Yall Feel About Em Dissing Mariah???Do Yall Think She Should Give it Up now Cuz This Track is Crazy i like Obsessed too but this is CRAZY Tho he really went in on her and Nick…


Let’s Stay Together

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So i Know Alot Of Yall May Have Heard About the Kim And Reggie Break up its really Sad…i Liked Them as a Couple and i think Reggie Bush is Hella Bomb They Need to really get back together

Watch Yo Mouth

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Sorry Yall I Been Really Really Busy…But Im Back Now…i Kno This Is a Little Late But This Is Super Funny Tho..

i Can Do Bad All By Myself

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Check out the trailer “To Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself” starring Taraji P. Henson, Mary J. Blige, Gladys Knight, Brian J. White, Alex Rodriguez and Tyler Perry.

Coming to theaters September 11th, 2009!

Why Don’t We All Go Bald

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Solange Knowles

What The Hell This Shaved Stuff HAS gone to Far Now Stop This its not a trend or whatever yall think its pose to be Solange Really noooo it looks right on some plp but not all let this be a lesson to everyone Don’t go all bald not everyone looks right..

iJerk…They Jerk

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i Just Thought i Should blog about this cuz i know we have some jerkers or plp that love the songs and Dances…Shout Outs To The Ranger$ They Stay Killin Who Yall Favorite Jerk Group?

Radio Gaga

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Lady Gaga is My Favorite Right Now She Just DOn’t Give A What,What People Think of her and i Love that about her and her music is Madd Dope…iF You aint Got The Fame Cd Go Get it Fave Song is Paparazzi but really the Cd is Really Good…Lady Gaga is Cold Yo

Watch This Video

iTS To Late To Apologize Or iS iT

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Okay This is Crazy cuz he said that his Lawyer told him not to pose or comment about this but he was on Youtube with “I’m Not A Monster” Video i think he should’ve brought this one out first…Dang i Love His Music but shit i Don’t Matter The Whole thing was just messed up i Like Chris But im Team Rihanna all The Way Cuz She My Favorite But i am Glad he FINALLY Said Sorry even tho i don’t think he Owed us that but Its still Good he Did …..So How Do Yall Feel About it Do Yall Take it or Do yall Feel iTs A Little to Late….