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Christina Millian and Her Baby plus 50 Cent pic..

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*Via NB*
Christina and her 3 month old, Violet Madison was spotted shopping recently. She’s cute…
Also The Dream addressed the rumors of marriage problems here’s what he had to say:
How are Christina and baby Violet?
Violet is great, I just saw her last night. She’s three months and one week old with a definite personality. I think she’s going to be a sassy talker. Right now, she’s just long, fat and looks like me. I know Christina hates it because she’s looking at the baby like ‘Where am I? I did all the work for nine months!’
Do you help Christina out when you’re home?

I don’t because my “helping out” turns into expectations. I’ll get Violet on a late night maybe one or two times, but after that, no. If Christina’s tired, call the nanny, call Violet’s granny. We got people.

We recently saw a rumor that you and wife Christina are experiencing issues because you’re unfaithful… on camera. True?

The rumors are not true and it really boils my blood. Christina and I are cool. People keep asking, ‘Why haven’t we seen you guys out together?’ I’m working, that’s why you haven’t seen us. She’s at work too in Los Angeles. The women in the pictures are actually legitimate friends of mine. The photo with me in the car and another woman… she’s a good friend who’s at my house all the time. It’s sad, because [the blogs] have humiliated her. She feels bad, I feel bad and you don’t know what that [judgement] does to that person. “

WOW…he looks very sick (i hope after he done filming that movie he go and get that six pack back)

Hot & Fun, The Manual, Who Dat, Airplanes and Te Amo Videos

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All the Girls Want Hot & Fun…I love N.E.R.D
Travie McCoy The Manual..(Have yall heard his song called Superbad? i love that song..)

J.Cole Who Dat Video Trailer…

B.O.B Airplanes featuring Hayley Williams (Of Paramore)..I LOVE this Song

Rihanna’s Te Amo Video…

This is just a quick post…I’ll post something else later

Does Rihanna have Drake Sprung?…

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The Real Dish is BACK…..
So Drake got this song called “Fireworks” on his Thank Me Later Cd – If you ain’t got that go get it (I Love the cd and almost every song on it) and everybody was making such a BIG deal over the second verse because it was pose to be about Rihanna here’s the verse:
“I can tell it wasn’t love I just thought you fuck with me who coulda predicted Lucky Strike will have you stuck with me Damn I kept my wits about me luckily what happened between us that night it always seems to trouble me now all of a sudden these gossip brags wanna cover me and you making it seem that it happened that way because of me but I was curious and I’ll never forget it baby what an experience you coulda been the one but it wasn’t that serious their was smoke in the air before now its me clearing it that felt good, all and all I learned a lesson from it though you never see it coming you just get to see it go yeah, I shoulda looked up in the sky at first now I can see it in her eyes Fireworks!”
I mean i was a little confused because i thought he said they were just friends and not in any kind of relationship and around that time didn’t she just get out of a f*cked up relationship why would she just up and jump right back into the dating field weeks after all that bs with chris happened?..But i guess they had something going on…On the V -103’s Frank and Wanda Show when asked if Rihanna broke his heart, he answered:
“I addressed it on my album. It’s not a broken heart, it’s just for me, I’m in such a confident position that I’m almost numb to feeling small. It’s been so long since a woman has made me feel small and that’s a real emotion. When you want to be a part of a woman’s life and you are nervous, all of these things that maybe I was when I was 15 or 16, it’s just been a while since I felt like that. I really looked at it as paying homage to her for giving me that feeling. I just respect her for bringing that feeling back for me because it was real. It was a real emotion”.
and the Rickey Smiley Morning Show he told him:
“It really wasn’t meant to be some “pity me”. It was one of the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced in a long time. It’s so rare that I feel nervous and small due to a woman’s presence. And I will tell you that, Rihanna had me so overwhelmed at the time that we met and throughout the duration of our friendship (or whatever it was that we had) that she gave me an emotion I truly miss in my life. On the album I wanted to pay homage to her for giving me that emotion. I don’t know when the next time I will feel that. I would say that I was very in to that situation but I wouldn’t say I loved her. I didn’t get to know her well enough to say that I love her”.

IDK i think its kinda cute but i mean its to bad she already has a boyfriend (Matt Kemp sexy ass) and besides i don’t think drake and rihanna would’ve made a good couple away yeah drake cute but idk i just don’t see them two as a “couplehaha she must be doing something right to have them all sprung out first chris now drake

Speaking of rihanna here she is with bestfrd Melissa at first i wasn’t feeling the red hair (liked her better as a blonde) but now i think its cute..