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Sorry Guys!!!

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i Been M.I.A With The Real Dish..I Will Be Back with New Posts Soon i’ve just been busy and tryna work On My New Blog Fashion Wh0re i’ll Be Back Tho..



Jay-Z Speaks On His Religion & Ri In W Mag

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 Jay-Z spoke with Angie Martinez today about claims that he’s a “devil worshipper” and this is what he had to say:

“I don’t know where it started. I don’t know where it came from. I really think it’s really silly. For the record, I of course believe in God, but I believe in one God. If people must know my religious beliefs, I believe in one God. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that separates people. I think it’s one God. I think it’s all the same God, and I don’t believe in Hell. But as far as God, of course I believe in God. Am I a part of some sect or cult? That sounds stupid to me. It’s like ignorant to even say, and umm… I guess that’ll be the last time I address that. It’s ignorant to me”
I can’t even get in a golf club in Palm Springs. I’m from Marcy Projects. Just think about that? People that control the world?
Do you believe that those sort of organizations exist?
I think there are cliques of friends that control things. I don’t if there is a devil worshipping sect. That’s a little Tom hanks. I believe there are cliques of people that control the world…but that’s just natural process. I’m sure Obama has his people and everything is good but as far as how far people are taking it…
So you don’t intentionally do this to put people in a frenzy?
I’m an entertainer at the end of the day. Maybe I’ll push your buttons but you know…
Check Out the Audio Jay-Z

Rihanna Will Be Featured in W Magazine Also an interview that goes with the pics but i decided not to post them because i’m sure you read it already..I Like The Pics..
*Also Pray For The People in Haiti..And if you want to Help its alot of ways you can but a few quick ways is to text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 or Text “Yele” 501501 to Donate $5 But if you don’t Have money Still Pray People..

Rihanna’s New Boo Plus Danger Lose Custody Of Her Baby

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He’s A Cutie

So As We Can See Stella Rihanna Got Her Groove Back she all boo’d Up With Matt Kemp..But Don’t Call Him Her “New Boyfriend” Because According to Matt’s agent Dave Stewart they’re just friends:
“I think dating might be a stretch at this point. They are in Cabo, but past that they are just good friends, and I don’t think we can label it as anything other than friendship right now. Who knows what will develop past the friendship.” Umm Whatever he says But to Me this Look Like a Little Bit More Than “Friends” i Guess He Still Cute Tho i’ll Date Him

According to TMZ Danger [For The Love Of Ray-J Star] has lost custody of her newborn baby just weeks after she was placed on a psychiatric hold over an incident involving the child. A Rep for Monica confirmed that L.A. Child Protective Services placed the baby girl in the custody of her father last week. Aww thats Sad but Question is When Did She Cut Her Hair i Liked it Better When She Had Hair But i Guess She wanted To switch it up for ’10 i Still Think that tat on her Face is Cool..What Yall Think About This??

Lil Wayne & Trina New Music Videos

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Lil Wayne “On Fire” Music Video..He Should Hurry up and Bring out a Video To “Drop The World” That Song is Hott!! Anyway What yall Think of The Video??

Trina “That’s My Attitude” Off her upcoming Cd Amazin i Love This Song..What Yall Think about This Video??

Jay-Z “On To The Next One” Dude Ass Killed this Song..This is My Favorite Song Right Now and i Love The Video yeah i know i’m Late putting it up but i’ve been kinda Busyyy..

Who Knew???

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*Pic Via Rihanna Daily*

According to Perez Hilton , Little Miss Robyn has penned a book titled Rihanna: The Last Girl On Earth, scheduled to hit store shelves on June 29th Suppost to be selling for [US Price:]$50.00 [Can Price:] $60.00 but you get it Cheapper if you Pre-Order it on Amazon. The book features contributions from artist Simon Henwood, the man responsible for the creative direction for Rihanna’s Rated R album and tour. Okay i’m NOT sure What this Book will Be about or Even if i would even think about Buying it but i Guess *Kanye Shrugs* You Gotta Get on your Grind and Make that Money Hunny..What You Guys Think of This??

2010 Movie Previews…[Get Your Popcorn Ready]

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We Are Going to Start From Jan 15th if you want to know all the Movies Coming out Before [Jan 8th] They Are: Leap Year – Which i might Go see, Daybreakers – For Sure Going to See it looks Sooo Good , And Youth In Revolt i’m sure there is More just be on the lookout i guess for those..



Okay i Shorten My List Down to like 3-4 Picks each Month but There is ALOT of stuff Coming out in 2010 and Beyond if you want to see more movie Titles or Trailers Go to Movie Releases..What Are You Looking Foward to Seeing this Year??? It Can be Any Movie even if its Not Listed Above feel Free to Share…Me i Can’t Wait to See Shutter Island i seen the trailer when i went to the movies and it looked Good also Eclipse duhh i’m a Twilight Fan & A Nightmare on Elm Street