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That’s The Anthem Get Ya Damn Hands Up

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Okay Posted a Sneak Peek few days ago Now here’s The Full Version Of “Empire State Of Mind” Chymere i know your Hype But Man This is My Song as i stated before Favorite Song of 2009 Well one of them and i ain’t even from nor have i ever been to New York, New York This should be yall state Theme Song it do kinda get you amped now We all Know how Lil Mama Felt..Lol Yall Like The Video??


Not Sasha…But these Are Fierce

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This is Kirkwood third collaboration with the Mulleavy sisters. The shoe is made of screw nuts, metal plates and thorns, soften by the twirling leather details…These are Sick I don’t really wear heels I’m more of a Flat (flats,vans etc..) Person but these just caught me off guard they’re Sick I don’t know if these are Safe to wear but hey a girl can dream right? Lol What do you Guys think of these, You Like them? Would you wear these?

Empire State Of Mind Teaser

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Can Not Wait to See This Video..Jay & Alicia Keys I Love this song..Seems New York is The Place to Be at..But Any way Do Yall Like This Song?? All The Newyorkers I Know yall Do..

All Dolled Up

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These are Barbie Doll Versions Of Lady Gaga..I Just thought this was cute lol Do you Guys like the Dolls??

The Cypher is So Unkind…

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Damn i missed the Awards But i’ll see them when they air again but DAMN Joe Budden Killed this Never been a Joe Budden Fan like that but he killed this tho and Nicki Minaj was Nice too She is One of the Best Female Rappers( of our time, not of ALL time) Can’t Forget About Trina and Remy Ma em..& Oh Yea That Little 16 bar winner was kinda nice..Who is Yall Favorite On the Cypher?? it could be from any year..And did yall Like the Awards??

Okay Had to Add this One too Just Sick Mos Def and Em are Nice…

*I will Have to say Last year Corey Gunz, Fabolous and Julez Ripped it and Jadakiss was kinda Nice..Them are My Favorite from the Cypher

Rated R CD Cover

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So this is A Look at Rihanna New Album Cover for Rated R..Do you Guys Like this?? Or are you just Over her and just don’t care.?? Nov 23rd is when the Cd is Set to Release..

I Can Transform Ya Video & Baby By Me Teaser

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Video Just Premiered Today and i must Say I Love this Song Nice Video Chris, He Look Cute in the Video and Wayne too…What Do You Guys Think About The Video and or Song Yall Like it???

Tried Of Sneak Peeks But anywho this is 50 Cent “Baby By Me” Video featuring Neyo Sneak Peek..also Kelly Rowland is in the video Love The Song…

All i gotta Say is Dang Omarion,& Trey Songz Hurry Up and Premiere Them Videos ALREADY.

I’m Losing It..She Got Me Gone

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Okay so yesterday Chris Posted a Video of him and rihanna together Saying : Sorry yall i had to post it..Its so sad when you watch this because they were cute together..Dang i know he wish nothing didn’t happen that day..But it’s all a learning Experience I always say you Live & you Learn i think they should get back together, well i thought but it doesn’t matter because we all know that WON’T happen..But What you Guys Think They Should Get Back Together Or He Should Just Drop it and Leave it Alone??? Dang Chris Why You have to Hit her ya’ll Could’ve still been a Couple..WHY Chris Why??Lol naw but i’m Over This Topic tho..But it was just so cute i had to Post It