Rihanna CD Signing

In Uncategorized on November 24, 2009 at 6:06 pm

                             *Pics Via Rihanna Daily*

So I Just got Rihanna Rated R CD even tho I downloaded half the tracks so I already knew most of the songs. The album is Really Good A LOT of Great Tracks G4L, Stupid in Love & Rockstar 101 just to name a few but my favorite is Cold Case Love that song been on repeat since I heard it my mom keep turning it off she said if I play it one more time she gon take the CD and break it lol despite people saying she can’t sing and the Album suck I totally disagree besides Good Girl Gone Bad I think this is some of her Best Work But that’s just me..If you ain’t got the CD Go Get it also Go Get The Fame Monster (on my way to go get it Now-phone blogging). Do anybody Have the Cd What’s Your Favorite Tracks or Track?? Did anybody go to The Best Buy Signing?? I Wish is was in New York but oh well and i Missed GMA did you guys see it??

*I Finally went To See New Moon!!! Just wanted to say that a lot of people said it was good so I had to go see it for myself and it was Good!! Taylor Lautner is Bomb!! Still Team Edward tho….

  1. i loveee Rude Boy! lol

  2. Me Too the Only Song i don't Like is Te Amo everything else i like

  3. hey, i just sent you an email..please read it ..and if possible can that be done….thank you =]

  4. Album is def. dope! cold case love is my fav. too!

  5. aw rihanna! she's so gorgeous and i love her style. major girl crush. i haven't heard the album yet but i've liked the singles on the radio so farx Niki

  6. I don't even listen to her music but holy hell is she amazing to look at.Thanks for the blog love. x

  7. i love it! She's seem to be more comfortable, not to mention her music has better meaning to it now. I love herLove your blog 🙂

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