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Pics Of Lil Wayne Son, Plus Baby New Tat..

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His Mother & His Son
And Here’s The Party Invites..

Picture Via Lil Wayne

Okay So Lil Wayne Daughter Reginae Had a Birthday Party and Lil wayne Brought his 1 year old son Dewayne Michael Carter III (1st Son) to the event and i Must say he is a Cutie and he Looks like his Dad i wonder when we will see his Other Two Sons (with Lauren London & Nivea – who Just Gave Birth To a Baby Boy)..

Baby New Tat..Umm What You Guys Think

Last Dance Anyone..

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Okay Some of You Might think this is weird and you Might Not Like it and that’s Okay but i LOVE it The Pictures are Done By This AMAZING Photographer from Warsaw, Poland name Dominik Smialowski anyway i just thought this was cool you will too once you see his other work..

C-Head Magazine issue #18.. I Like it, Do you??

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I Love it…Would you Guys Wear This?? I Don’t know wear you could wear this to but its cute.. I Wonder how it feels when she sit Down

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Happy Thankgiving You Guys!!!! [LOL Smiley Face Video]

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This is Trey New Video LOL featuring Gucci and Soulja Boy but the video doesn’t show None of them it’s A Fan Made Video..Trey Got submissions from fans so they can be a part of the video i Love it and this was one of my Favorite songs from the album  his next single is “Yo side of the Bed”…

But Anyway HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! What Are You Guys Thankful For Me: My Family, My Friends, Life, This Food im Finna Eat, and My Fellow Bloggers and Subscribers i Love You Guys 🙂 i Hope you Guys are having a Great day….

We Are Young Money Cover, Plus Say Something Teaser

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1. “BedRock” (feat. Lloyd)

2. “New Shit”
3. “Pass Me the Dutch”
4. “Wifebeater”
5. “Fuck the Bullshit” (feat. Birdman)
6. “Ms. Parker”
7. “Target”
8. “Sacrifice”
9. “Every Girl”
10. “She Is Gone” (feat. Pleasure P)
11. “Girl I Got You”
12. “Gooder”
13. “Roger That”
14. “Steady Mobbin’” (feat. Gucci Mane)

So This is suppose to be the Cover for their Cd and Some of The Songs.. I Can’t wait till the album Come out set To Release December 21, 2009 but you never know with them they stay pushing stuff back..

Say Something Teaser By Timbaland Featuring Drake i Love This Song Can’t Wait to See The Video

Legalize Me, Day 26 Left BadBoy, Plus A Twitter Book!!

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D.Woods EX Dainty Kaner has a New Video Out called Legalize Me i wonder what label she under..but yeah i Like D.Woods she was one of my Favorite DK member i miss That Group.. Speaking of Groups Day 26 spilt from Bad Boy. I wonder what’s in store for them if i were a singer or something Bad Boy is The Last Label i would want to be On Because Diddy Just be dropping people on short notice and Sh*t yall remember Da Band (Babs,Sarah,Ness,Choppa,Freddy,and Dylan)?? I Liked Them he dropped they ass Super Fast Wonder where they at but anyway Best Of Luck to Day 26 they Might Need it…

Excuse My Nail Polish it’s about that time to re-do them..But i was in Borders Getting A Few New Magazines and i came across This Twitter Book and thought really Twitter putting out books and Sh*t now it’s Suppose to be a Celebrity Directory so you can find your Favorite Celebs and follow them People don’t go buy this and waste money because all you gotta do is Hit that Search Button and type Names it’s that Simple ,and it ain’t really that many celebs i want to follow anyway to make me Purchase this.. By the Way i found Vogue Paris i Didn’t know they sold them…

Rihanna CD Signing

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                             *Pics Via Rihanna Daily*

So I Just got Rihanna Rated R CD even tho I downloaded half the tracks so I already knew most of the songs. The album is Really Good A LOT of Great Tracks G4L, Stupid in Love & Rockstar 101 just to name a few but my favorite is Cold Case Love that song been on repeat since I heard it my mom keep turning it off she said if I play it one more time she gon take the CD and break it lol despite people saying she can’t sing and the Album suck I totally disagree besides Good Girl Gone Bad I think this is some of her Best Work But that’s just me..If you ain’t got the CD Go Get it also Go Get The Fame Monster (on my way to go get it Now-phone blogging). Do anybody Have the Cd What’s Your Favorite Tracks or Track?? Did anybody go to The Best Buy Signing?? I Wish is was in New York but oh well and i Missed GMA did you guys see it??

*I Finally went To See New Moon!!! Just wanted to say that a lot of people said it was good so I had to go see it for myself and it was Good!! Taylor Lautner is Bomb!! Still Team Edward tho….

Walking The Red Carpet…

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This Dress is Cute to me…
Picture Of Performance Outfit i Liked it and That Tat Say “Rated R”
Alicia Looked Nice!!!
Keri Hilson I Love her But i just want to Burn Her hair don’t ask me Why..
Mary J Blige
50 Cent Your So Cute…
Toni B..No Thoughts/Comment
And Ne-Yo