Rihanna’s New Boo Plus Danger Lose Custody Of Her Baby

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He’s A Cutie

So As We Can See Stella Rihanna Got Her Groove Back she all boo’d Up With Matt Kemp..But Don’t Call Him Her “New Boyfriend” Because According to Matt’s agent Dave Stewart they’re just friends:
“I think dating might be a stretch at this point. They are in Cabo, but past that they are just good friends, and I don’t think we can label it as anything other than friendship right now. Who knows what will develop past the friendship.” Umm Whatever he says But to Me this Look Like a Little Bit More Than “Friends” i Guess He Still Cute Tho i’ll Date Him

According to TMZ Danger [For The Love Of Ray-J Star] has lost custody of her newborn baby just weeks after she was placed on a psychiatric hold over an incident involving the child. A Rep for Monica confirmed that L.A. Child Protective Services placed the baby girl in the custody of her father last week. Aww thats Sad but Question is When Did She Cut Her Hair i Liked it Better When She Had Hair But i Guess She wanted To switch it up for ’10 i Still Think that tat on her Face is Cool..What Yall Think About This??
  1. danger is a hot ass trainwreck.. she is a mess

  2. she looked way better with the hair, and of course she shouldn't have the child. her nickname is danger.

  3. Yea, Danger def didnt need her child. Smh, I still kinda feel for her…but the babys health is more important! i want her to grow her hair back!!

  4. ewwwwwwwww wat he fuk she did 2 her hair

  5. wat the fuk she did to her hair she look like a crack head gone wild.

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