Who Knew???

In Uncategorized on January 4, 2010 at 5:16 am
*Pic Via Rihanna Daily*

According to Perez Hilton , Little Miss Robyn has penned a book titled Rihanna: The Last Girl On Earth, scheduled to hit store shelves on June 29th Suppost to be selling for [US Price:]$50.00 [Can Price:] $60.00 but you get it Cheapper if you Pre-Order it on Amazon. The book features contributions from artist Simon Henwood, the man responsible for the creative direction for Rihanna’s Rated R album and tour. Okay i’m NOT sure What this Book will Be about or Even if i would even think about Buying it but i Guess *Kanye Shrugs* You Gotta Get on your Grind and Make that Money Hunny..What You Guys Think of This??

  1. everyone is trying to do everything. i give he props though.

  2. 50 dollars for a book? wth..she hittin em up with textbook prices. smh.

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