My 2009 Year’s Wrap up..Goodbye 2009

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2009 at 5:20 am
We Had To Keep Hearing about Doche Bags Like Jon i’m Soooo Over Him And Spencer Pratt I Hope in 2010 they DISAPPEAR!!!
Twitter Took Over Sorry Myspace you Suck!!!haha j/p


Fell In Love With Vampires [Well Eward Anways] Love True Blood & Twilight i Hate Vampire Dairies..

We Lost Alot Of People..So Sad R.I.P to Everyone who Passed in 2009
2009 Was definitely Lady Gaga , Nicki Minaj and Drake Year these three were everywhere on everybody Stuff
Kanye Went Crazy let Them Tv Show host and everybody else tell it it was Funny to me for a few seconds that’s because i couln’t believe he just did that.. He’s just misunderstood i guess
*Kanye Shrugs*
Lil Mama A Stage Hopper She got alot of flock for that One
Tiger Wood Got Girls ALL Around The World..What they Call him i think it was something like Cheetah
Everybody Was getting Pregnant..These are Just A Few
We all Know What Happened..You Either Grown to Love Or Hate Them
Unexpected Marriage..Well To Us anyway
Pleasure P Allegedly a Child Molester
Best Movie Of 2009 in My Books
Whitney Made A Comeback
Dumbassness to Another Level all That For A TV Show [The Balloon Boy]
New York’s Athem Favorite Song of 2009 [Empire State of Mind]
Spec Makes a Video Calling out All Man..But He’s NOT gay the video Was Funny tho
Favorite Cd of 2009 The Blueprint 3
First Black President in Office [Barak Obama]
June 30th 2009 This Blog Entertain Me Yo! Was Born Later Changed to The Real Dish

                         Got To Check Out  Alot Of Cool Blogs Some of My Favorite Ones Thus Far:

Damn i Know i’m Missing people i’m So Sorry if i Am i Can’t think of everyone Right Now But Just Because your Not Listed i Still Got Love for you..All Those Bloggers Above Inspired me in so many ways i Love there Blogs They’re Truly Amazing Bloggers..And Thanks To All you Guys for sticking with me Following, Commenting and stuff and thanks to All The New Followers Got So Much Love 4 Yall..
Goodbye 2009 You Will NOT be Missed..This is Just A Little Summary of 2009 What was your Favorite 2009 Moments?? What’s in Stores For The Real Dish in 2010 i’m Not Sure but Hopefully This Blog will Get even Better Also Don’t forget to Check out my New Blog Fashion Wh0re

  1. AWWW!!! Thanx soo much girlie!!! I feel so special! I love ur blog too!!!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I forgot all about Spectacular until I seen the new Pretty Ricky vid. They are so done!

  3. Thanks 4 the luv & I luv the blog u always catch me wit some interesting posts specially about Rihanna. Hope u have a great new year!!

  4. thank you SO much neesh!you're a fantastic blogger as well =)Long live the vampires!

  5. i love this post!its like the best year wrap up ive seen lolthanks for the shout out!i hope you have a VERY great new year!

  6. Thanks so much!!! This is so cool!

  7. thanks for the shout out love. i really appreciate it :)happy new year.*can't wait to see hangover!!!

  8. i like your blog im a follower so will you follow me

  9. AWWWWWW! thank you boo, love the shout out, love ya chica and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you hun!

  10. Jade Your Right i Did..Sorry About that..

  11. This was great!

  12. Yahhhh..I made the list! Where are you. Your nt posting as much as usual!! && lovely recap!

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