Merry Christmas To Yall….[Have You Ever Got Slapped This Hard??]

In Uncategorized on December 24, 2009 at 7:33 am

                                       Animated Gifs 
A Little Something to Make you Laugh This is Just Sooo Funny To Me i cannot Stop Laughing i Would be in Shock if someone Hit Me That Hard Then Once i Got up it would’ve been On..Lol That’s Why you shouldn’t Prank people No One Likes A Joker [Even Tho he Didn’t even touch Him]…

                                                                 *I Made This Picture*

Have A Great New Year And A Great Christmas..Thanks To ALL my Followers and To Those who Comment & Thanks You Guys For Sticking With Me..

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  1. GIRL YOU MADE MY MORNING!!! that slap is how i wanna slap some bitches in my life but DAMN, old boy fell out of his seat!!! omg, great post!, oh and very cute pic ❤

  2. no and i don't want to. that was hy larious!hit me up asapthanxpeace love and hashbrowns!

  3. Merry Christmas! Enjoy ur holiday!

  4. hahahha HILARIOUS!! LOVEEEE. Merry Xmas!!!MUAH*

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS!, dope blog.check out my blog and follow if ya like ;)

  6. hey dope blog really original check out mine if fyou can if you like it follow. thx

  7. lol..y he had to take his shirt off to smack him..

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