Nicki Minaj In Complex

In Uncategorized on December 9, 2009 at 12:27 am

*Pis Via*

Nicki Minaj Or should i say Harajuku Barbie or Nicki Lewinsky Where The Barbies at?? lol you girls kill me with that Yeah i Like her But i wish she never started this Barbie and Minaj Movement because it’s Whack and half of you girls are to old for that.. On To the Next Topic..

  1. OmG! I waited ALL DAY to see this…I ONLY like HER doing the Barbie thing…this is a HOTT spread, LOVE NICKI, she's so flippin' HOTT & cool, LoL!

  2. lmao i have trouble signing on to FB cuz all my friends are "___ Minaj". whackkk

  3. everybody's too old for that! LOL. it shouldnt even be done! I dont understand it either, girl!

  4. I cosign that…All this barbie ish needs to stop! Shiznit is getting on my effin' nerves. B**ch ain't Barbie and dudes aren't effin' Ken.

  5. lol…Agreed! But her pics are pretty cute!

  6. She is lyrically talented but she is too plastic and that's the fakest thing I will never have respect for

  7. I absoutely LOVE niickii….yea she loves doiin da BArbiie thinq bt thats HER style…so y hate on it?

  8. Nicki Minaj is very original to the game. Her style is unique. I dont get yall!!! If she had the same style as previous female rappers yall would diss and if she had no ass yall would still diss…smh

  9. you is so dam sexy i wish i can be with you i really do

  10. damn she fine as fuck

  11. nicki ur ass is too fuckin bigI WOULD LIKE TO HIT THAT ASS…

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