Young Money Bed Rock Video

In Uncategorized on December 8, 2009 at 1:31 am

Love This SONG!!! And The Video is Nice too Drake you BOMB!!! What You Guys Think Of The Video And i think its’s about time Lloyd get’s Signed to Young Money and Tyga Tats are Sexxyyy

  1. so is lloyd signed to young money or not???i like his voice but for a minute there i thought he fell off the face of the about to google that shanell chick cus i have yet to hear anything from her and shes on young money &all i know about her is that she has that chain hanging from her face (its different and all but what if sumthing gets caught to that shit?) lol anyway overall that was a cute and fun video.. thnks for sharing!!..mochasista..*brown is beautifuL*[]

  2. I loved this song when i first heard it. The video is cute..I never realized how many ppl were in the song. Family affair much?lol

  3. haha i like the orginal girl you know better then the one with lloyd for some reason.. but damn i do love lloyddamn near everrrrrrrybody ik wanna hate on tygaaa… but nobody got shit in those tats, and thatsss whatssuppp!

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