Tiger Woods Boy You A Fool…

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Tiger Woods Got Girls ALL around the World Here’s A List of All The Women he was Messing around with WHILE Still Married:

1.) Rachel Uchitel. The club hostess was the first of the women to be linked to Woods after the National Enquirer reported that she traveled to Australia to be with Woods during a golf tournament there. So far, she has denied the affair.

2.) Jamie Grubbs. The 24-year-old reality show contestant and cocktail waitress claims she carried on a 31-month-long affair with Woods until his crash last month. She offered a Woods voicemail to prove it.

3.) Kalika Moquin. The 27-year-old club manager from Las Vegas is reported to have had a brief sexual relationship with Woods. She would neither confirm nor deny the report.

4.) Cori Rist. The 31-year-old swimsuit model reportedly met Woods at a Manhattan club last year before they began a sexual relationship that led to Woods flying her out to various secret locations for hook-ups, and her introducing the golfer to her 7-year-old son.

5.) Jamie Jungers. The 26-year-old, who sold her story to a British newspaper, is a former employee of Trashy Girls Lingerie. She said she met Woods in Las Vegas.

6.) Mindy Lawton. The 33-year-old pancake house waitress from Orlando claims she was dumped by Woods in 2007. According to the Post, it was her affair with Woods that was caught on camera by the National Enquirer, when he was snapped dropping her off at her trailer park. The threatening news later led to a Woods Men’s Fitness cover in exchange for the magazine’s silence about the alleged affair, the New York Post reports.[She slept with him in his house while his wife was Pregnant]

7.) Holly Sampson. The 36-year-old from Los Angeles is a former porn star, who has starred in such films as “OMG, Stop Tickling Me” and “Flying Solo 2.” According to the Sun, she has neither confirmed nor denied her affair with Woods.

8.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress A former cocktail waitress from Orlando, Fla. does want to reveal her identity yet, according to her attorney Michael O’Quinn. But this she has said: at the time the affair allegedly began, she was 20 years old and met Woods at the Roxy in Orlando, where she was a VIP server.

9.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress is reported to be a “sexy” British TV presenter who was single at the time, but is now married.

10.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress is reported in a UK paper to be a “sex-addicted cougar.”

One Word: Man Whore Well That’s Two but Seriously tiger woods is just getting it in huh And it was Also Said that Tiger Woods offered his wife 80 million to stay but she could receive up to $300 million if she leaves him now. Girl What You Doin get those Suitcases and Bounce he’s NO good like really 10 Mistresses WOW…Tiger..Wait what if some of these girls are lying?? 

Also Here is A Voicemail he Left one of hs Mistresses Jamie Jungers What you Guys Think??

  1. lol this is crazy.. now they calling him "CHEETAH" lmao.. nice post!Follow:)

  2. Smh…this is crazy. And I dont believ everyone coming foward either…stil; smh

  3. It is really sad, I fault him and these women. It seems no one has respect or honor for marriage anymore and that goes for ALL RACES. It is a sad reflection of our society.

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