Keyshia Cole Pregnant!!!

In Uncategorized on December 3, 2009 at 12:55 am

So i’m Not Really Shocked we been hearing this for months now and they kept saying Nope She Not Pregnant but Now Looking At the pictures you really Can’t denie it and it’s said She is expecting a boy in March of next year CONGRATS Girl and what’s her babydad name boo boo?? Anyway he Cute

*And Thanks To everyone i FINALLY Reached 400 subscribers i’m sooo happy Also Check Out My New Blog Fashion Wh0re

  1. I guess I need to keep up with my nes..didnt even know she was supposed to be pregnant. WOw. Who is the baby's father? & Congrats on your subs :)!

  2. Omg Omg..I Keyshia Cole's Biggest Fan.. Im Happy For Her!!!!

  3. Aww I love that Keyshia is pregnant! & yeah I LOVE Trey lol. He & Joe got in a fight? About what?

  4. Lovely blog!

  5. im actually happy for her., hopefully it was planned ! lol

  6. i think it's SO CUTE! They are a really cute couple and she looks happy…that's all that matters…she is REALLY showing too, adorable!and his name is Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, LoL!He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers…he IS a hottie!

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