Walking The Red Carpet…

In Uncategorized on November 23, 2009 at 7:53 am
This Dress is Cute to me…
Picture Of Performance Outfit i Liked it and That Tat Say “Rated R”
Alicia Looked Nice!!!
Keri Hilson I Love her But i just want to Burn Her hair don’t ask me Why..
Mary J Blige
50 Cent Your So Cute…
Toni B..No Thoughts/Comment
And Ne-Yo
  1. oh everyone looked so good!!

  2. mad i missed it >:O anyway im following u so…follow mee back :)*to0dles…

  3. I LOve All There Dresses..They Wore Them Well!!!

  4. I love Rhianna's dress—classic

  5. neyo always looks the same…boring

  6. I Loved Rihanna's performance outfit!!

  7. I really like the first dress too. It's really unusual, but so elegant at the same time!

  8. wow cool post. Rihanna's dress was hott!

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