I’m Starting To HATE Award Shows..(Yay Where Are U??)

In Uncategorized on November 23, 2009 at 7:07 am

Rihanna performed “Wait Your Turn” and “Hard” had me sitting their thinking Jeezy was coming out but nope no Jeezy..The Lighting was Cute and i Loved the Outfit with the shoulder lights CUTE!!! and did you Guys see the Tat?? Wonder What That Say but overall it was an OKAY performance..

Sorry To Say But Lady Gaga Had THE Best Performance at the AMA’s i just knew she wasn’t going to let us down all her performances be Good everybody else was giving out Half ass Performances and Sh*t..Gaga is Dope!!!

JLo Hands Down You Sucked!!! Gosh imma need for you to stop making Cd’s and putting out songs unless their in Spanish you know when you were doing spanish Cd’s. I Miss The Old Jenny from the Block where are you Jenny Where are you???

Overall this Award Show sucked to Me to many Half performances alot of people performed from Whitney(She Look Great!!) ,Mary J Blige , Jay-Z, Adam Lambert(Face Humping and Sh*t), Alicia keys, Em, Green Day, and many More..

This is A Joke..The True Shocker is When Taylor Swift Won Artist of the Year Over Micheal Jackson , Lady Gaga , Em and alot of other Good people. Seriously people over Micheal Tho?? Nope i don’t believe it don’t get me Wrong i Love Taylor Swift and her Music but i don’t think anybody should’ve won anything over Micheal. Kanye Was M.I.A see these are the times we need you “Excuse Me Taylor i Like you but you DON’T deserve this Award because Micheal is The Best of ALL time”.
  1. THanks for this review I just got to catch up eventhough I missed it on tv..thank you girl!!

  2. i think the tat said "Rated R". Gaga's such a great performer!

  3. I agree where is Ye when you need him? I like her music as well –but come on?

  4. yea kanye should have been there cuz some one shoulda call her out on that one lol smh

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