Don’t Watch Me Watch TV

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2009 at 3:51 am

This Is One Of My Favorite Songs Off His Album..”I Can Hold My Head High & Die Or I Can Live & Duck My Attitude is Celibate i don’t Give A F*ck” that’s my favorite line in the song but yeah i Like the Video and LOVE the Song and Fabolous What Yall Think Of The Video??

Pretty Ricky Say A Command imma have to sit down and actually watch this One, but tell Me What yall think of the Video.. i Miss The Old “Grind On Me” Pretty Ricky Ya Know When Pleasure P was in the Group Still but anyway still Love them..

Excuse My French but F*CK The Video Trey Songz is BOMB!!! Now back to the Video Toni B Has A New Video Out Called “So Yesterday” with Songz Finally she back i Like It Do You??

  1. Welcome Back Toni…and HEEEEY Trey!

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