Say Goodbye to The Oprah Show!!!

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2009 at 3:58 am
Oprah will announce on Friday on her show that she has decided to end her talk show. The show will end on September 9th 2011 i mean that’s Kinda a long wait we barely in 2010 but the show will End after 25 years on the air. So Sad Now Who would them House Mothers (Mainly) and all the other people around the world depend on now? Where Will they get their daily advice from?? umm i guess yall better start watching the Monique Show or Tyra Show. I Wonder What She Going do Now , well atleast She paid she ain’t really gotta work tho..
  1. aww, I am so bummed out about this. what am I suppose to do now?? lol…Oh well like you said it's still a while away I wont worry about it til' then ..

  2. Well hopefully she can finally live her life lol. But as far as the show being over, I'm glad, that my sound harsh, but I've always felt like she does some dirty things to spike ratings. For example, having that chimp lady ulift her veil, there was no need for that but to be used as a rating ploy, just my opinion.

  3. Wow, Hmmmm for some reason my mind had some fantasized thing where this show would always be around…just cause she's Oprah. I don't even watch her show…but yea like you said at least she paid.

  4. ooh very cool blog. You're my 100th follower!!!!! Thank you :):)

  5. well she had a good run I don't think she should've stop but dam 25years for a talk show um yeah there's a limit for everything tho, Kick ass blog tho check out mines plz!

    my ~ish is so different:

  6. I pity the network that loses the Oprah show

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