Inside Look At Rihanna’s Rated R Lookbook

In Uncategorized on November 20, 2009 at 1:02 am
*Pics Via Rihanna
I Have NO idea What She is saying either..
Okay So i Already Have ALL the Song Downloaded Because of them Leakers Leaking everybody CD’s But i’m Kinda Glad they did i know the Celebs be Mad but i’m Still going to Go out ad Get The Cd tho. My Favorite Songs Are Cold Case Love (Justin Did a Great Job on helpin writing this) ,G4L (Cursing her ass off in this song), Russian Roulette, Hard, Stupid in Love and Photographs just to name a Few I Love the Cd She is Cursing her ass off in like every other song she Has Some Great Songs on the Rated R Cd tho. Is Anybody goin to Get The CD?? Comes Out Next Week you Guys on the 23rd and all the people That live in NYC can go to Best Buy Union Square In Store Signing at 5pm and meet Rihanna in Person but you have to be one of the first costumers to purchase the CD starting at 8am. Shit i Wish i Lived in NYC!! So if you Live in NYC and Like Rihanna Theirs your Chance..

  1. RiRi look fly as usual 🙂

  2. So first, I LOVEEE the CD actually. It's a damn shame that I listen to it atleast 5 times a day =/
    I live about 10 mins away from NYC, in jersey!
    hopefully I can see If i can go!! ahh
    She looks dope as fuck though , of course!

  3. i wish i was in NYC as well.. can't wait to get her CD!

  4. I have the CD. I really have to sit and listen to it but based on first run through, I can see she definitely went in a new direction for this album. I wasn't too fond of Russian Roulette but I do like Hard w/ Jeezy. I really like Cold Case Love w/ JT as well. Anyways, I'll give the LP a solid listen and I'll let you know my input later, lol.

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