Stand Up For Your Rights or for NOH8 , Plus Youtube Fave

In Uncategorized on November 18, 2009 at 6:33 am
Oh Them Kardashians i Love them Not to point out Favorites But My Favorite Kardashians Are Khloe And Kourt i Like you too Kim But i Like them just a little bit More anywho as you can see They decided to join the NOH8 Campaign showing their Love and Support to the Gays and their right for same Sex marriage. Kourt Look like she about to drop any second now Love Them Crazy Kardashian Girls and if your a Fan of their show Keeping up with the Kardashians the Show will be coming back Sunday Dec 13th 10/9c
Okay here is a Video From Ivana and Jessica They Did this Amazing Cover to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance I Loved it Just wanted to Share That with you Guys..
  1. My favorite is Kourtney! I love tht picture of Khloe. She does look like she is going to drop anyday now! And they did good on GaGa's song!

  2. obviously a good hair gene runs in the kardashian family.

    xo Niki

  3. I love Kourt as well:)I agree

  4. they did a great job on the Gaga song!
    && OMG i cant waiiiiiiiit for the new season!

  5. love these pictures =]

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