Girl Please Stop Talking!!

In Uncategorized on November 18, 2009 at 4:45 pm

Okay most of us know Former Miss USA (they fired her shortly after giving her the Crown and Title) or Miss California Dumb as a box of Rocks Carrie Prejean (well she’s not as dumb as Miss Teen USA Caitlin Upton) I use to like her until she just started acting a fool like when she did that Larry King Interview and wild out Yeah she’s Pretty but her Attitude makes her Ugly. Then she comes out with this Book Still Standing and a little mini sex tape or something like that and running around telling her story to anybody that would listen. On half of every channel Whinning about people caling her names and stuff Girl get over yourself WOW you were called out your name but I think its bigger problems in the world I dunno like people that don’t have places to live nothing to eat those are the people that should be Whinning Carrie Prejean imma need you to Shut up and Sit down somewhere how ever many minutes you had of fame it is slowly winding down and your minutes are almost over.

  1. hell yahh. she needs to sit her uptight-but-i-made-a-porno-with-myself ass down somewhere. smh

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