Rihanna Girl What you Been Drinking On??

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2009 at 5:36 pm
These Would be the Before pics (With Bestfriend Melissa)
And These Are After
*Pics Via Rihanna*
Seriously Shawty ass is Toasted took Gucci Song Wasted to another Level tho I’m tryna get messed up like What you was drinking on Patron? Circo? Vodak? But anyway yesterday, after Rihanna’s concert, Her and her entourage headed to the Royal fave Mahiki nightclub to party until 3am, where she was joined by Jay-Z and Beyonce.
– She Tried to Pull A Britney on Our Ass the Paparazzi would’ve Loved that little Peep show atleast she got enough sense to know that if your going clubbing most likely she would be getting drunk and Pics will be  taken Note to Other Celebs be Smart and Wear Underwear NO one wants to see you exposed unless your a porn star lol then i’m sure you’ll find plenty of Fans. Just Not Here…
  1. Lol, we were no the same page on this one right here…she was a drunken mess!

  2. atleast she happy. hehe

  3. Her hair is really HOT!!! I agree she does look happy…

  4. lol, she looks too gone! But Im sure she enjoyed herself!

  5. hey…at least she had panties on!

  6. but i'm saying, at least she has underwear on!LMAOO!

  7. haha love the post at least her dress is hot!!


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