Can We Get The Video!!!

In Uncategorized on November 12, 2009 at 11:56 pm

The True Question is WHERE The FUCK!!! is The Video Dang we Been Waiting and Waiting and Still No Video Can We Get The Video Beyonce Gon Head and Release it Already Dang!!! Love this Song Nice Collaboration But seriously When is this Video Going to Premiere They say it has been Postponed so it should be coming Soon Hope SO…Do You Guys Like The Song???

If you Want to Listen and or Download Click Here:Video Phone Remix  AND Lady Gaga’s Telephone
Okay So this has nothing to do with the Post But i just Like the Picture….

  1. girl that picture is creepy as hell haha

  2. lol..Niku i kno but i like it

  3. hahhaha ive been hearing about the video but yeah nothing. but i cant wait! love both of them. so fierce!

  4. Wow! You're feelings are very adamant about this video, lol. I am anticipating it's release as well but you're on another level ahaha. It's all good though and that picture is slightly creepy. It's artistic but nonetheless creepy, lol. Anyways, I'll ttyl. Thanks for checking out my blog. I appreciate your love & support 🙂

  5. OMG!
    So i LOVE the song!.
    I have been wondering where the hell the video is tooo!! . like what the fuck!?

  6. oooo i wanted to see that shit too,
    it was supposed to be up like tuesday but they pushed it back … i love the song so the video better be badass but im sure it is

  7. Telephone was MUCH better..wasnt feeling the "Video phone" remix

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