Paint Me A Pretty Picture…Or Not!!

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2009 at 7:09 pm

Okay So Maybe their Not All Painted But these are Some AMAZING pictures i know you guys are probably tried of All these Art Posts i’m Just really into it and Kinda tried of posting about all these celebs so i like to switch it up it would be something New each Day!! You Guys Like The Pics Are You A Fan of Art?? This Week Will Be kinda A Short Post week will be Extra Busy Sunday Is My Birthday NOV 15TH Yuuuppp!! (in My Trey Songz Voice) And i will Be Going out of town and Partying So Yup That’s That and Thanks for All The Feedback and to All My Followers You Guys Make Me Happy 🙂

-Listening to Mariah Carey’s H.A.T.E.U LOVE This Song My Mom Just walked in “What is that is She saying i Hate U” Must Be talking about her ex Eminem or something..Lol she swear She a Teenager trying listen to All the stuff we Listen to Her Fave Song is 5 star Bit*h love Nicki Minaj part have us Replay it like 30 times..Anyway Have you Guys Heard H.A.T.E.U?? it’s a Really Good Song Do anybody Have her latest Cd??
  1. Hmm Who ever painted these are talented to the and i havent heard MC newest cd i might youtube the song and give it a listen

  2. I LOVE this type of art. its amazing!

  3. wow! i love this!

  4. I love art. My two faves from this are the Snow White & of course the gorilla. Thats amazing. We had to do things like this in creative art. I loved every bit of it!

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