I’m Just In LOVE With The Colors

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2009 at 12:18 am

Photos Done by this amazing young Brazilian photographer name Gabriel Wickbold…

What Would the World Be without Color?? One Boring Ass Universe i Love anything that has alot of different interesting colors and these pics are really nice…I’m just on blogger checking out a couple of new blogs found some really Great blogs One really Nice one i came across Was Zebra And Meerkat it’s a Really Great blog Check it out On My Blog Roll ,and if you Guys seen any other great blogs or any sites you reccomend people to check out feel free to share..

Listening to Keri Hilson’s Slow Dance i didn’t Like the song at First but i have fallen in Love with the Song Do You Guys Like The Song??? Anyway Have A Great Day Guys 🙂

  1. your welcome
    and thanks you 😀

    and omgg trey songz iss soooo banginnn ❤

  2. those pics are SO crazy, love em.
    && i didn't like Slow Dance @ first but I really like it now.

  3. Slow Dance had to grow on me as well…i LOVE IT though, I LOVE Keri, she is so different, so cool!

  4. The pics are great! I love the use of the colors and the expressionism that the models are displaying. And slow dance is the jam! but intuition is my shiznit!!!

  5. I like the colors too. especially the orange and blue.

  6. The photographs are Crazy dope ish..

    slow dance is a song my lil sister plays 1000 times a day i think that is the only song on her itunes.. it growed on me lol

  7. Lol Stephane that's my Shit too

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