A Dose Of Alexander McQueen

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2009 at 8:11 pm

Everyone Want their Hands on Any piece from Alexander McQueen Collection His Collection is Crazyyy Dope..

Lady Gaga Wore Alexander McQueen in Her Latest Video “Bad Romance”

Something Similar to What Rihanna Wore on Alexa Chung!
 Just a Little Look at some Stuff from his Collection if you want to View more Check out His Site : Alexander McQueen

You Guys Like?? Who are your Favorite Designers if you have any??

  1. im witchu on that Champs shit haha.

    they usually always lend me money, most of the time specificcally lunch money for school.. but i save that. i never tell em ima get a shoe for 150 or something, i always lie and i say i bought it for 100 or someshit haha.

  2. Nice post. This is a fresh collection!!! 🙂 I like Alexander McQueen. Other designers I like are: Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, etc. I enjoy brands such as Banana Republic, Express, Polo Ralph Lauren & Purple Label, Louis Vuitton, BBC, Bape, Hollister and so on and so forth.

  3. yes! i knew from the first pic it was McQueen! Awesomeness!

    PS. YOU are one of our fave readers!
    Pls take time out to do our survey!

    Truly Yours
    -Darling Nikky

  4. THose ankle boots are absolutely worth drooling over…

    Secret Desire Lingerie

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