Baby I’m That Deal…

In Uncategorized on November 10, 2009 at 6:51 pm

Trey is in the lastest issue of Black Men The Holiday issue  Trey Boo Just Wanted you To Know You Are Just Wayyyyyy To Sexy…Ladies You Agree Right?? Okay So That Brings us To Our Question for the Day Who to You is One of the Bombest,Sexiest,Cutest etc..(whichever Word you want to choose) person or people in the Entertainment World(Boys-Ladies or Girls-Boys) it could be anybody Don’t Worry we won’t Judge lol Unless you say Boosie or something Cuz he ain’t j/p..

Me imma Have to Go with a Few people :
Trey Songz
Terrance J
Chase Crawford
Micheal Ealy
Jesse Williams
Pooch Hall
Robert P..
Damn The List Can Go On and On can’t Think of anymore right now…

  1. Justin B.,Cody L., Robert P., Taylor Lutner

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