Well DAMN….

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Okay Did anybody Watch this i just got done watching the 20/20 interview the one above is all messed up but what all she said i’m Glad she didn’t come out and sugar coat Sh*t But WOW alot of people are saying she is Throwing Chris under the Bus i don’t think she really throw him under the bus (i think she walked him to it and kindly sat him under it then lit that b*tch on Fire lol j/k) but she didn’t leave no questions unanswerwd she could’ve have came and been like nope can’t answer that…Now Can We ALL move on from this the interviews are done glad they both spoke out.

This subject is close to my heart My Grandmother got beat and went back time and time again until her Boyfriend Killed her, i seen My Mother get beat so Bad and her boyfriend actually tried to kill her in front of me and my siblings so to eveyone Let this Be A Lesson Violence is NEVER the answer if someone is pissing you off learn how to walk away and if you are getting Beat Boy or Girl don’t stay in a relationship that’s not Healthy and please don’t stay because you feel you love someone LOVE is Blind and I Do Believe that if a Person Hit you They will hit you again so Never fall for that i’ll never do that again Bull because that could be your last time anyone will see you again if you go back and remember Nobody deserves to get Beat or even Killed over something that Pissed them off..But anyway on a Positive Note Hope you Guys are having a Great Day 🙂 Blasting This Amerie CD Did Anybody Get The CD?? Pretty Brown Eyes is My ISH..

  1. i actually loved the interview you can tell the emotional wounds are still fresh. i respect her for speaking out. a lot of ppl where saying it was a waste of their time watching it and that she didn't really say anything.. i beg to differ. & your right no one deserves to get beat it's just not right & it pisses me off too. smdh.

  2. i saw it and im so sorry you had to go threw that with your mom and her boyfriend i think any man that has to put his hands on another women is just a pussy and cant do it to a man, and chris brown use to be my idol although i cant sing lol but after that incident it faded. but again im so sorry you went through that, and you going through that made you stronger today and thank you for sharing that with us as your followers

  3. Thanks For the comments Guys and Thanks Jonathan i mean alot to me for you to say that but i dont mind sharing things with you guys bcuz you guys share stuff with me , you gotta be real with your followers

  4. No man should ever hit a woman. and for one if his mom got beat why the fuck did he do it? Rihanna is strong she still got her endorsements, Chris doesn't idk if his career will suffer but like really who beats up a woman? i mean what if he did more? would his fans still be there? no

  5. i went through a relationship like this my freshman year…it was HELL ON EARTH, BUT I say that I did learn from that relationship and the experience that I went through. It did make me stronger and it WAS just young, dumb, love, but that's in the past and TODAY I am a strong woman who is respected all around.

    Rihanna really just told the truth…point blank. I mean we haven't heard Chris' side of the physical altercations because he wants to be all "Let's not talk about that" but I mean, what she said sounds pretty believable. I just HOPE she doesn't go back on her word of NOT going back to him.

  6. I liked Rihanna's interview. I'm glad she came out and spoke b/c if you watch the video and look at her EYES while she speaks you can tell she was speaking from the heart. That what she said is how she felt.I think she did a good job coming out at this time. And i think everyone should move on from it you can tell she's trying to and so is Chris.

    I'm sorry to hear about your mom and grandmother.I know its a hard thing to go through, I know i have and some of my family members have been in abusive relationships too. It takes alot of courage and guts to speak out on that and i respect you for doing such a thing. For real!

    And i didnt get the cd yet, i want to though but i gotta find some money to buy it. Is it good? All the songs she brought i loved! Holla back!



  7. your welcome. and thank YOU for your comment. i know the girls can be a bit too much, but i like sport so i dont think abut them and their problems. thanx for your comment again.

  8. I thought this was an interview and like letsjustflyaway stated 'you can see the emotional wounds are fresh'. Nevertheless, I'm glad that she finally came out and discussed what happened. I believe it was good for people esp. young girls and grown women alike who are involved in abusive relationships. I feel that violence is never the answer and any man that beats a woman is not a real man, he's a punk.

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