The World Has Gone Gaga *Updated*

In Uncategorized on November 7, 2009 at 11:51 pm

Who Dosen’t Love Lady Gaga She’s Different not like all these other Pop stars runnin round here i Like her it was Time For A Change Here’s The World Premiere of her Latest Video Bad Romance.. Do You Guys Like The Song??? Do You Like The Video??

  1. the 2nd picture is hot.

  2. I like!

  3. I'm In Love With That Song&& The Video Looks Amazing

  4. yeah thanks for the support lol. best of luck to ur blog.

  5. she is major, she just came out of no where and blew up!

  6. I like Lady Gaga! She's unique and she makes good music 🙂

  7. wow ! i love this song:D
    and im inlove with your blog;
    its amazing :]
    thanks for commenting !

  8. the world IS going gaga!! lol but who can blame em?? i luv her!! and great blog gurlie!!

  9. she is the cutest thing ever! and i dunno but i kinda think her outfits are done just for attention…mayb

  10. thanks for following! cool blog, i absolutely love lady gagagagagaga!

  11. I love the pictures and love lady gaga

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