Harper Bazaar, Plus Chris Interview

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I’m A HUGE Twlight Fan Yup i said it Twlight is The Sh*t Lol…But yeah Kristen and Robert who have been Linked appeared in The Dec issue of Harper Bazaar Together (Front Paging it) they keep saying their Single but i Think They go out and if they Don’t They Need To..Robert is just so Cute to Me but Yeah if you Guys Like Vampires Not that Wack Ass Vampire Diaries (Hate That Show) then you will love this my little sister told me about it and every since then i Been Addicted The New Twlight Movie Comes Out Nov 20th (New Moon)..Do You Guys Like Twlight??

Chris Brown Yet Again Doing another interview this is what he had to say when he set down with Sway:

During the interview, Brown told MTV News that therapy is helping him to assess his actions and behavior. The singer said he sits in group settings during his weekly sessions and combines the experiences of others with his own to figure out what led him to assault then-girlfriend Rihanna. “Just anger,” he said plainly when asked by Sway what triggered the incident. “Yeah, anger.

“Young people, we do before we think,” Brown added.

Okay First Off i’m Sick of this Sh*t forreal because i feel like their Dragging this shit out now they doing  all these Interviews -not even talking really about what happened ..It’s Like if you don’t wanna Talk(Like he chocked up on Larry King) PLEASE stop doing interviews it’s Old News Now Chrisy..He keep talking about Respecting her privacy and his but Keeps doing interviews tho Why don’t you respect our Ears and Eyes because as Alot of people Stated before We Don’t wanna hear it or see this NO MORE…And Damn Ain’t Rihanna Doing Interviews Not to try and take the Spotlight you already talked twice and gave no answers let her talk and Once she do her interviews i don’t want to hear it no more from her either i Will be watching to see what she say And RIHANNA if you Choke up Like Chris i Am going to be Highly Upset either Ya’ll talk or Shut up and MOVE ON… Okay i’m Done What Your Thoughts On This??

  1. im not a twihard but im going to see the movie,
    lol, kristin looks pretty in the movie in these shoots bc she is wearing a wig lol,
    but at award shows shes looks so stoned hahaha.

  2. Man, u know the media cant let sh*t go. We all know what happened. We seen the pic. He admitted it. Lets all move on! They are both doin their thang…gettin paid. It doesnt matter WHY he beat the hell outta her. Cuz it wont change the fact that he did it. Whatever happens between now and then should be THEIR business. Cuz i sho dont give a damn no more!!

  3. Thanks for the follow lady, I came on here thinking oh another celeb blog but when I actually looked it over I saw that it's not like the other ones where I only care bout half the blogs I actually wanted to read all of them so I'm a new follower too
    much love

  4. following 🙂

  5. Definitley going to see the Twilight movie. Read the books. Anywho i agree on the whole Rhi & Chris thing. Dang just drop it cause claerly the interviews aint really clearing up shit. Its a wast eof time..move on to the next trending topic! P.S- i love your blog! Hella entertaining!

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