You Gon Think I Invented Sex…

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2009 at 11:22 pm

Okay First Off They must gon show the edited Version Cuz This is just way to Rated R for BET Dammmnnn Trey Songz is So F*cking Bomb in this Video, I think him and Oh Girl Should go out they would be Cute together all that kissing ,and bitting and sh*t they did might as well but umm anywho..Couldn’t wait soon as they said it will be a New Joint on 106andpark had to Post it been waiting on it for a LONG time and it’s finally here Where Say Aahh At??..Love This Song All imma Say is he can Get It ,You Can Come Invent Sex With Me Trey..What Yall Think about The Video??

  1. ummm all i have to say is

    oooohhhhhkkkkkaayyyy then?

    Trey was looking hella hot! But i agree w/you thats a little too much for me and my young 14 year old eyes. Kay Trey? Lol

    But again you was looking hella hot in that video. Whew! Lol

  2. this song is OK but i like the remix with drake better.

  3. love the video but i cant see them playing this on tv well during the day lol

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