It’s About That Time *Updated*

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Sorry Readers I know some of you are Sick of the Rihanna Posts but for those of you who aren’t Rihanna will be breaking her silence with an appearance on Good Morning America Thursday morning at 7am followed by a 20/20 interview on Friday at 10pm.

I CAN Not wait to hear what she will say I hope it doesn’t be like That wack ass Larry King- Chris Brown interview or I will Be pissed..Hopefully she talk about something we ain’t even got to know everything but Sh*t you can say something lets all hope that Tattoo don’t influence And Also Rihanna Russian Roulette Video is said to Premiere on ABC Friday Nov 13th and Wait Your Turn Will Premiere Tomorrow On Her Site and i’m Pretty Sure alot of other Sites Can’t wait to see them Heard she got Sexy Ass Jesse Williams as her Leading Man(Russian Roulette)he is sexy he remind me of Micheal Ealy(Sexy Too)But anyway I will be watching and Thanks to Rihannadaily they be keeping me Up to Date with the Rihanna News..

Jesse Williams

Also Check Out The New Track “Hard” featuring Jeezy Just Leaked today and Your FIRST look at Rihanna in Glamour Magazine Dec issue..Thanks Again To Rihanna Daily For The Exclusives:

Okay These are just A Few pics from the issue and i won’t do no more updates just didn’t feel the need to make another post when i already did one today on her anyway Enjoy ūüôā Do You Guys Like It???

  1. i am so sick of rihanna and chris brown. I wish the world would move on like…girls get beat every damn day and I hate that all of a sudden domestic violence is in the spotlight of America's issues. They just both need to move on and so does the world.Rihanna keep making devilish dark music with Neyo and Chris Brown keep dancing. gee wiz….

    nothing against your post but just my feelings on the whole situation. I'm following you on twitter now.

  2. Lol..i get it i felt that way too when they kept talking bout it all month long back after if happened but it's alot of rihanna fans that do still want to hear about her and stuff that's why i be posting her i try not to over do it tho…lol

  3. i LOVE Rihanna's finger tattoo…so fly! And for these interviews, she BETTER do some REAL talking, none of that "I don't want to go to far into it" bull crap, LoL!

  4. the song is ok n how did u get the youtube thing all small lik tht

  5. and i didn't see the other pictures. she looks so happy. so now i'm confused.

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