Get Styl’D

In Uncategorized on November 2, 2009 at 3:38 am

Their is a New Show Called Styl’D which premiered tonight on MTV(10/9c) yeah i tuned into it and i like it so far. This Show is For anybody who has dreams of becoming an stylist or working in fashion its a Great show so i reccommend everybody to watch it. Below is a Brief Summary of the show…

The new reality series, produced by Bunim-Murray Productions and the Margaret Maldonado Agency,(which they are working hard to get signed to Margaret Maldonado Agency) follows the real lives (friendship, love, & career) of five junior assistants as they toil for three glamorous, high-end celebrity stylists. the documentary series will follow the young junior assistants on the job — music videos, movies, red carpets, etc…

Each episode will include the styling of famous Hollywood celebrities. The three senior stylists include: Jen Rade (Pink & Amy Winehouse), Eric Archibald (Puffy & Usher), and Julie Weiss (Britney Spears & Eva Longoria).

Senior Stylists Julie Weiss, Jen Rade and Eric L. Archibald

Junior Assistants Tara, Cody, Brett, Janna and Gary


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