The Cypher is So Unkind…

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2009 at 5:15 pm

Damn i missed the Awards But i’ll see them when they air again but DAMN Joe Budden Killed this Never been a Joe Budden Fan like that but he killed this tho and Nicki Minaj was Nice too She is One of the Best Female Rappers( of our time, not of ALL time) Can’t Forget About Trina and Remy Ma em..& Oh Yea That Little 16 bar winner was kinda nice..Who is Yall Favorite On the Cypher?? it could be from any year..And did yall Like the Awards??

Okay Had to Add this One too Just Sick Mos Def and Em are Nice…

*I will Have to say Last year Corey Gunz, Fabolous and Julez Ripped it and Jadakiss was kinda Nice..Them are My Favorite from the Cypher

  1. this cypher was kool. joe did his thing. but the cypher to see is the one with mos def, black though, and eminem. em killed that shit. and my favs were the one u sad neesha, from last year. then it was 1 with lupe fiasco and styles p, and another with joel ortiz and cassidy. both those was hard

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