I’m Losing It..She Got Me Gone

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2009 at 5:09 pm

Okay so yesterday Chris Posted a Video of him and rihanna together Saying : Sorry yall i had to post it..Its so sad when you watch this because they were cute together..Dang i know he wish nothing didn’t happen that day..But it’s all a learning Experience I always say you Live & you Learn i think they should get back together, well i thought but it doesn’t matter because we all know that WON’T happen..But What you Guys Think They Should Get Back Together Or He Should Just Drop it and Leave it Alone??? Dang Chris Why You have to Hit her ya’ll Could’ve still been a Couple..WHY Chris Why??Lol naw but i’m Over This Topic tho..But it was just so cute i had to Post It

  1. They should just get back together.. Im not gunna lie but that vid is mad sad. I can't imagine being legally tookin apart from someone you love

  2. man the vid was hella sad! they were hella goofy together! i love couples like that! every girl may kill me for sayin this but i hope they get back together…

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