Shout Outs Getting Handed Out

In Uncategorized on October 23, 2009 at 1:27 am

Not For Me To Post Three Post in One Day So Not kidding Guys But this is actually a Post For My Fellow Bloggers( A Few of My Favorite Blogs and The Newbies) Check Them out Follow them..Don’t Worry Guys i will be doing this Every other two Weeks or So, So if i missed you it doesn’t mean your blog ain’t Dope or What Not it’s just i’m Only doin a Few at a Time so Bare With Me if your not on this one maybe you’ll be on the next one So Don’t Trip.
Blog Roll Header Pictures, Images and Photos

  1. Kid Paul
  2. Allisonic Sickfit
  3. Actober Reid
  4. NIC-KIA
  5. Supar Starrr
  6. Laughing Plastic
  7. The Shoe Girl
  8. eRRa of aRRe
  9. I Will Write
  10. Malibu Mara

Top Ten These are not in order These are just the ones i picked okay to break them down would take too long but i would say that these are all great blogs some alot of people don’t know about them but their still ALL Great Blogs..Check Them Out and FOLLOW Them.. Give Me More Blogs To Check Out People and feel free to Comment i Love the Feedback Good or Bad But remember theirs A Difference Between Hating and Stating your Opinions..

  1. =) thanks for that neeshhhhh!

  2. Thanks for the shout and the other blogs..i hope everyone keeps this going..

  3. aww thank you, and you know what i didnt write that you recommended it to me,
    i'll put it in my new post tomorrow,
    i was just so excited b.c it was sooo good.

  4. thanks so much Neesh, really appreciate it lol (:

  5. wow, Im hella late. Didn't see this, but Thank You so much love 😉

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