Movie Flashback: Mean Girls

In Uncategorized on October 22, 2009 at 5:37 pm

Man i miss Lindsay Lohan Mean Girl Movie days This is My Favorite Movie of ALL time (My Kanye Voice)..This was one of the best teen movies besides Jawbreaker(another Favorite). This was like my Life back in 9th grade (13 yrs old was the new girl in town & started hanging with all the popular people, i admit i too was sorta a Mean Girl (after while) you know those people everybody knew & they acted so Stuck up to high for the world & unless your their friend you can’t talk to them yup indeed that was US!!) but my friends weren’t that mean and not backstabbing but they were B*tches Tho. Love Love Love this Movie think imma watch it Later What do you guys think of Mean Girls?? What’s your Favorite Movie of ALL time??

  1. hmMm wow glad i never experienced real life ishtar like that i would've slapped somebody in my unsaved days but i was always cool with everyone…awWw mean girls was the movie tho!

  2. yo omg thanks haha.. anything i cud do in return? lol

  3. Lol naw i was young & dumb then tryna Fit in & stuff new to town i didn't know no one and i took that route..but after i got off my high horse lol i was cool with everybody.. Mean girls is the ishhh tho

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