Random Post (Just A Look..)

In Uncategorized on October 17, 2009 at 11:07 pm

New Edition to My Room My Mom Just Bought this for me.. Excuse my cover it gets cold in my house lol..
My Station’s
My Favorite’s Marilyn and Rihanna and some other ish.. All This will soon come down Once it’s time for me to Move hate to be in a room without Nothing on the walls..

Magazine Hub i have so many Magazines and their all in order from dates and if the come out at the same time then i just put them in order from which arrived first. ya’ll can’t see it but it’s over 100 magazines in this hub and they keep coming. I’m A Very Organize person can you tell? lol
This is just a few..More in my closet

Before (that’s how it looked when i first got it during winter break last year off QVC – They are no longer selling this Model)

After (i added my spin to it)

Remember My Laptop i posted months ago with only a few things on it…Well this is an update still not done yet but yeah this is what it looks like since the last time i showed it (its a Dell Mini Ispiron 9)

Just Another Random Post..My Room Plain lol but i love it..

  1. pretty dope out laptop xD.

  2. nice room

  3. i wish my room was that neat lol but i love how you decorated your labtop

  4. Thanks for the comments guys glad you like my laptop..haha and my room

  5. MARILYN! haha
    i've been looking all over for a real nice portrait of her for my room. I like how yours is decorated especially your laptop.

  6. ur room is cute!
    love the posters!
    u gotta have role models right?!!

  7. hey your blog is nice…
    keep up the great work 300 followers is amazing
    i wana be there one day…
    and the laptop is dope….
    i pimped mine out tooo its awesom…lol

  8. what did u use to stick those things to ur lappy? ive been wanting to do that but IDK what I should use..glue, tape, I don't want to do anything that'd damage it :-/

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