The Wait Is OVA…

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All I Can Say is FINALLY.. Dang Been Waiting for this for a Minute Where have you been??
Tuesday, Rihanna announced via twitter, official website, facebook and myspace that she’ll release her first album since 2007’s Good Girl Gone Bad.

The tweet reads: “The Wait Is Ova. Nov 23 09.”

Its Funny Tho Because She has Yet to release a Single for this New Album but who cares as long as she’s BACK.. I know soon as it release i will be going to get My Copy(Rihanna Fan..Duh) Not Sure if this is the name of her New Album “The Wait is Ova” but guess we’ll see in the next couple weeks what rihanna will say and do.Also for all who wants to follow Rihanna is her Twitter.

R you Ready??

  1. lmao the world is anticipating this album. I'm glad she is back on her grind.

  2. I'm going to get my copy too!

  3. yesssssssss!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the comment and sorry for the late reply! I got my background from

  5. that's awesome! "rihturn" i love it. that's genius. lol

  6. cant fucknn wait!

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