Paranormal Activity

In Uncategorized on October 13, 2009 at 3:50 am

Yes I Finally Got to see Paranormal Activity have to say this was a very good Movie if you haven’t seen it yet Go See It. The Movie Was Crazy Scary Good from what i’m hearing it was a True story which made me want to go see it more Love them type of scary movies Like the Haunting in Connecticut. Even though i be scared i always make myself see the movie. The problem is true stories9Scary Movies) like that scare me and as old as i may be i sometimes find myself sleeping with a lamp or tv on or i would have someone sleep in my room with me..i’m a Big Kid!! Lol but i reccommend this movie to everyone that love scary movies and even those who don’t..But heads up you may have a sleepless night after you see Paranormal Activity.

  1. Hey, I'm a big scary movie buff! Love em! Do you ever watch that show on the Discovery Channel called "A Haunting"? I'm telling you, that show will have you with a flashlight on in the daytime! Its based on true stories, too.

  2. i dont understand the hype of this movie. i havent even seen a trailer for it, but i wont be going to the movies to watch it. i hear it is very disturbing.

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