Youtube Favorites…Plus Paramore Cover

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2009 at 5:42 am

Not really a Youtube Person But i do have One: but i dont really upload videos or whatnot just look thru it to find new stuff. I been Looking and although i have many favorites these are just a few that i really Liked..Check Them Out. Also Don’t Forget to read My Post Below This One “Are you into Fashion” need your feedback..Thanks

Paramore does the cover of Use somebody By Kings Of Leon after i heard this version that’s when i actually started liking the song..Paramore Fan ( Go Get their latest Cd Brand New Eyes)

What Can I say Lynzie Kent is an Youtube Star every Cover i hear her do just Blows My Mind because she’s really good and Not even Famous or Signed yet..Crazy!! Check out her Youtube for More Covers

Gosh you can’t even Mention Youtube Stars Without bringing up Daniel Jerome i’m telling you his dances are Dope..& He’s a Cutie if you wanna see more videos From Daniel view his youtube and Subscribe..

  1. i follwed your amazing blog ps I go harder then that guy in dancing

  2. hayley williams is amazing….

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