Who The # 1 Rapper,Chris Tour Plus Fierce Glasses

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I Think The List is Kinda ALL wrong..

Here is MTV’s list of the top ten emcees in the rap game:

1. Jay-Z

2. Lil Wayne

3. Drake

4. Kanye West

5. Rick Ross

6. Gucci Mane

7. Young Jeezy

8. Fabolous

9. 50 Cent

10. Raekwon

What Do yall Think of this List do you Agree or Disagree With MTV???

Chris Brown is planning to hit the road. The pop singer took to his Twitter page on Monday night to announce his plans to tour. Brown tweets, quote, “Bout to start a small tour soon, 15 to 20 dates, my fan appreciation tour. Just for y’all. Nothin bigger than four-thousand seater.”

Further details pertaining to the tour were not announced. Chris Brown is currently completing his 180 days of community labor for assaulting his former girlfriend and fellow musician Rihanna back in February. As part of his plea for felony assault, Brown will also have to remain on probation for five years.

Late last month, Brown released his new single “I Can Transform Ya.” The track was Brown’s first official release since his February arrest. “I Can Transform Ya” will be included on Brown’s next album, “Graffiti,” which is due to arrive next year.

Kinda Feeling this Song What Yall Think About this Tour?? & Have you heard the song yet??

These Glasses Are Cute What Yall Think ABout these?? Would yall rock these??

Sorry I Was MIA for a Few Days Computer was Running Slow & Phone (Sidekick) was acting up..

  1. your right i think this list of pople is kinda worng. their are some people their that i think souldnt be their at all! lol

  2. Oh Chris Breezy! Back On tour.
    The List is like wrong because I dont agree with some on there….I like 1-4 and thats about it.

  3. haha Fabolous should be 5..& no disrepect to Jay but really he is not number one tho..the list is messed up Raekwon or whatever shouldnt even be on the list i like every body 1-9 lolbut not in that order

  4. haven't heard the song…but if he came to my town i'd def go and see him…

    and bout the background it came as a layout from this website…they give instructions bout how to put it up. i think you do it through the customize tab and the edit html…but yeah…not really a comp genius…

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