Kandi Burruss Ex-Fiance AJ Killed in A Fight

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2009 at 5:06 pm

Ashely “A.J” Jewell (Kandi Burruss ex-fiance) was killed last night during a fight in Atlanta. A.J recieved a severe blow to the head during a brawl that took place in the parking lot of the popular strip club The Body Tap. A.J was transported to Piedmont Hospital were he was later pronounced dead.

Kandi is really feeling heartbroken . Her publicist said that she was completely stunned and speechless after being informed of the news. She left a Twitter message with the following:

“im just in one of those moods where i dont wanna talk, i dont wanna b held & told its gonna b ok. i just wanna cry myself 2 sleep, alone.” Later, she went on to ask people to pray for his children, who she says she is most concerned for (Ashley “AJ” Jewell, had six kids His ex-fiance Kandi Burruss, just got custody of 2 of his daughters).

This is So Sad, i am still so shocked like really i seen this on a blog yesterday & thought it was a joke because i wasn’t hearing about it then i wake up this morning and found out that it really is true so My Prayers Goes out to Kandi and her Family and R.I.P AJ i am so sad for her.. What Are Your Thoughts??

  1. OMG!!! Are you serious? Man, that is SO sad =( I know Kandi isnt herself right now. That really sucks! I hope Kandi and his children make it through ok. It's hard to take a lost like that. He seemed like a cool dude and nice. R.I.P. AJ =(


  2. That's horrible. Smh.

    Thanks for the comment, I followed you!

  3. this is totally sad 😦

  4. wow definitely sad

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