You Caught My EYE

In Uncategorized on October 2, 2009 at 11:22 pm

I LOVE looking at New Art Work anything with alot of different colors usually always catch my eye been viewing a couple of sites and came across a couple of things that caught my eye it was many more that i thought was very interesting but i didn’t want to make a long post filled with like 20 pictures so i just took a couple..Just A Little Teaser…What do you Guys think of this??

  1. hey Neesh.. if me & you started around the same month, can you PLEASE comment back and explain how in the WORLD you got so many followers so fast! lol.
    and im followin ur blog now. love the blog.

  2. those are some unique art pics…don't just run across those everyday like that. Good find.

  3. to me, i feel followers are more important cus then i WILL get more cmnts lol.

  4. Well good pics Ithink check my blog out?


  5. i love these pieces of art .im obsessed with photography ;the last one is my fave:)

  6. this pics are awesome!!

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