Jon Gosselin Fired Now He’s Wants TLC To Be Banned From His House

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Five minutes into the appearance of Jon and his attorney Mark Heller, the lawyer told King that TLC terminated Jon’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 contract on Tuesday because Jon was planning to go on the show and announce he was ending the program by no longer appearing on it and by refusing to allow his children to participate.

Though Gosselin told King that his intention was to “pull the plug” on the show weeks before TLC fired him, King later read a statement from the network claiming that it had received no such word from Jon.

“I’ve been talking about pulling the plug on this program ever since I became involved,” said attorney Heller, who was recently hired by Jon. Heller said he considered the termination of the Gosselin reality show “a done deal.”

Jon said it was time he took control of his marriage and make life normal for his children. King challenged Heller’s claim about Jon’s plan to announce he was shutting down Jon & Kate Plus 8 on the air, because only moments before Jon said he had “no idea” he was being fired, and that he “found out just like everybody else …

Saying he last spoke to Kate 3½ weeks ago,” and that she wants to keep the show going “for financial reasons,” Jon said, “I need to be a father. I need to take my kids off the show.” He also said he was putting the brakes on his divorce.

“I’m here to apologize to Kate,” Jon told King. “I’ve made mistakes.” He would not comment on reported flings, other than to repeat, “I’ve made mistakes.” Asked if called Kate, Jon said, “I’ve tried. She doesn’t want to talk to me.”

Kate’s attorney, Mark Momjian, said that the divorce case would not be delayed. “It’s going to go forward.”

Who else is sick of him This to me is selfish of Him How do he expect to keep getting money & stuff to feed his family Where his Job at?? What A Douche Bag..Kate is the one that’s keeping that family together to me she trying to support her family and just because they fired him now he all I’m Doing this for My Kids Best interest” they can’t be filmed on the show Sh*t When the money was flowing in He Was all For it .. Get outta here nobody wants to hear that bull Jon Like i Said before in a previously Post YOUR 15 Minutes Been up he starting to be like Heidi & Spencer to Me very Annoying… What You Guys Think Of This??

  1. He now knows he needs Kate!
    Ha wayy too late!
    He said all that crap about her

  2. They both made huge mistakes. She was abusive to him in a way. She was stressed. However, she realizes that. The whole point of the show was to "document their lives." Well the Multi-Million dollar pay check is quite a bonus! Take the money and invest it. It is enough. It comes down to Greed. She loves her kids. They both need help. It is time to move on. It is so sad to watch them go, I adore those children. It is not about the kids anymore Jon is it? No it is about money and greed! I hope your proud and happy now! Karma!

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