50 Cent Calls The Fame Kills Tour Gay!! Plus Tour CANCELED!!!

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2009 at 5:02 pm

I Think Your A Hater. 50 Cent was on the Angie Martinez radio show yesterday and when the station was about to give away tickets to Lady Gaga and Kanye West ‘s upcoming “Fame Kills” tour. 50 Cent reponded with “ah, the gay tour.”

He justified his comments saying that was what Lady Gaga was calling it. The deejay corrected him saying that Gaga had explained to Kanye that she had a large gay following. 50 replied “What did Kanye say, ‘Me, too?'”

50 continued saying:”Kanye’s cool with the gay folk. I have nothing against them, but he’s cool with them. He goes and drops his video off to them…Ellen. Ellen DeGeneres. He went there to premiere his video. He’s conscious of the gay community and wants them to buy his CD.”

Well Look Like The Gays Won’t Be Supporting 50 by buying his upcoming CD, Way to Win Over the Fans Curtis.. Is Anybody going to see the Fame Kills Tour?? I Will be getting My tickets very soon. What you think about this?? I think he mad because he didn’t think of the idea first ha naw im kidding

This Just In: It has been reported that The Fame Kills Tour Has Been Canceled Which Sucks Cause i did want to go & All The People That Purchased Ticket Will Be getting Refunds so Dont Worry

  1. I wouldn't care if Ye was a straight homosexual, the fact is he's killing 50 in record sales. who is 50 cent anyway? his 15 minutes was up in like 2005.

  2. im deff going.. i look up to kanye the come over this way nov 11.. i cant wait… an fuck that dude is lame from day 0

  3. SORRY BUT NO ONE is gong to this tour because its CANCELED i Kno it suck

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