Kanye Lashes Out At VMA’s Plus Lil Mama Staged Hopped

In Uncategorized on September 14, 2009 at 10:23 pm

Incase you Missed it Taylor Swift Won a Award that Kanye Clearly Felt should've went to Beyonce so he got up on stage took the Mic said Congrats and went in.."Beyonce Has Best Video of all Time" poor Taylor looked So Surprised even Beyonce Was shocked she looked like Woah Yay What you on?? Haha That Little Comment has gotten Yay Alot of Lack guess people wasn't feeling That..I Love Kanye as I said before he is Dope but that Truly was some Foul Sh*t tho..He has since apologize for it and Bigups to Beyonce because what she did was Big of Her(Letting Taylor get her Moment) What yall think about this agree with Kanye or think it was Rude??

Plus Lil Mama Gets up on stage and Embarrass her self Gosh this was thee funniest thing I seen in a Min Jay maybe thought she was finna Kanye his Ass he was Stuck like and What are you doin?? I kept tryna figure out what was her point of getting on the stage this cause Twitter to go nuts startn a #lilmamais Treading Topic

  1. kayne west is the shit when he came up and said that i laughed soo hard but hes right Taylor Swift shounldnt have won kayne EGO is soo big thats what i like about him he doesnt care about what people will say because hez rich lol

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