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In Uncategorized on September 6, 2009 at 7:37 am

This that Forget Going Out i Rather stay home…House Love The Black & White Feel Makes This Look Really Nice and it has a nice view i Love this house What you Guys Think of the House I know you guys would want to live in here right?

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  2. i like it but i think after a while the whole black and white thing gets a little overdone and tired. and plus it gets a little boring and bland after a while.

  3. your blog is dope yu should follow me im following yu

  4. Damn this crib is the truth. id love to have my studio in there.

  5. im already following you…u gotta follow me 🙂

  6. that shit is unfucknn believable!


  8. now that's a damn house.
    I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had that lol

    Studio is def. a most though.

    ill blog btw, good look ony checking mine. Sorry it took a minute. Had to disappear for awhile.

    ::::Leaves Kinetic Card::::

  9. wow great blog, following!
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  10. I like it!!! Thanks you for your comment!


  11. very modern. my house is all white and modern as well and i think sometimes people are so confused by it like…what?? haha but i love it. great eye!

  12. hahahahahahahahahaha, thankx , man u got so many people follwin u , hit me up

  13. dope blog!!!!!!!!!!!! follow me and how did u get so many followers

  14. This House Is Dope. Follow Me Ill Follow You Seriously Anybody!!! I Love Your Blog.

  15. This House Is Sick! I lOve It. Follow Me Ill Follow You Anybody. Thanks!!

  16. i REALLY like this one!!

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