Don’t Follow Me

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2009 at 6:16 pm

Haha Gotta Love Kanye I Will Be Mad Too if everyday all day They was up on me following Me but then again that is their Job so i guess you gotta respect that but at the same time they have to respect you and your privacy..

What Do You Guys Think About This??
And Would You React The same if they were following you and you didnt want to be followed?
  1. follow me n i will follow u

  2. haha this video is funny. kanye went off!

    and for the record i think that's the first time i've ever seen the words "DON'T follow me" on a blog.

  3. I couldnt deal with it either, thats why I always say, give me the money and not the fame!

    Im following you already, you should follow me!

  4. HI lady, love your blog! Keep writing, you have a gift! Shine brightly!!! xo T

  5. kanye is a hero
    way way better than 50 cent too.

    Actually "fuck you" 50 cent

  6. You know I think that being a 'superstar' you have to expect all of it. Not saying that your privacy shouldnt exist. The dude shouldnt have followed him. Thats how artist can get there image ruined. let paparazzi capture something bad about you…its a rap.

  7. hey peoples…please follow me

  8. kanye kills me with his semantics…fuck he expect

  9. lol i love kanye

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